Best Tips To Tell Good Fecon Double Carbide Teeth

The demand for double carbide teeth has been increasing over the last few years. This is because of the increasing need to use cutter tools that can withstand a range of conditions without the need to make changes. The double carbide technique in the manufacturing of cutters tools helps to achieve such aspirations for mulcher users.

If you have invested in a Fecon machine, you need to get the right double carbide teeth for your machine. The good news is there are many Fecon double carbide teeth options in the market that you can select from. Here are tips that can tell a good set of double carbide teeth:


The first tip that can help you get good Fecon double carbide teeth is the manufacturer that you are buying from. This is one of the areas that most people get wrong. There are many ways that you can tell a good manufacturer but one of the key things is the experience they have in manufacturing these products. We highly recommend that you go for the most experienced supplier and one that has a reputation for producing the best quality teeth. This is one of the crucial factors you need to consider.

Grade of Carbide

The other tip that can help you get the best Fecon double carbide teeth is the grade of the material used. There are various grades of carbide material in the market but you need to get the best one for your conditions. Tungsten carbide is one of the best grades of carbide that you can select from. Depending on the conditions you are working in, make sure that you have the best grade carbide material.

Amount of Carbide

The amount of carbide material is another factor you need to consider. The carbide layer differs depending on the quality of the Fecon double carbide teeth you need, check the thickness of the carbide layer used. The thicker the double carbide layer, the better is the tooth. The thicker it is, the more durable it is and could also cost you more.

The Price

The other to selecting good Fecon double carbide teeth is the price they are being sold at. There are market rates which you should consider when buying these machine parts. If the teeth offer the same quality, then the quality should be within that range. If the price is too high or too low, you need to check why to avoid buying substandard or overpriced mulcher teeth.

Cylinder Engraving Principles You Should Know

The principles of cylinder engraving enable the engraver to produce quality work that meets the set standards. They are the rules and regulation that governs the whole engraving process to ensure the best quality engraving has been produced. So, what are they?

Well, if you are starting off in this engraving industry or have invested in the field that requires engraving services, this guide is for you. We have put together key principles that you need to observe when engraving cylinders:

Machine Quality Matters

The first thing should be about the engraving machine. Nothing much changes about the cylinder because it remains the same. What you can play around with is the machine. First, get the right machine for cylinder engraving. Make sure that you have understood what is needed for the engraving to get the right machine. Quality matters, and this is something you cannot compromise because it affects the quality of the engraving.

Always Clean the Cylinder

The second you need to get right is the condition of the gravure cylinder, or the cylinder you are engraving is in. The cylinder must be cleaned thoroughly before engraving. First, ensure that you have removed the previous ink and also the dirt and dust on the surface. This is a crucial factor that can affect your engraving quality.

Remove the Previous Engraving

This is important for a cylinder that has been used before. You need to get rid of the previously engraved image before putting on another one. This should not be difficult to do because there are ways you can have it done. There are machines specially designed to do this job, and you should have them in your plant.

Use the Right Beam Strength

The other important thing you must get right is the strength of the beam. This is an essential factor because it will affect the quality of the engraving and damage the cylinder. If the beam strength is too high, it damages the cylinder. Understand the right setting for every task.

Gravure Size Matters

Make sure that you understand the size of the etching to be made on the cylinder. It is another factor that will affect the quality of the engraving, and more so, it is for printing. Make sure that you have gotten it right.

Chrome Plating

Lastly, it is always important to chrome-plate the cylinder after engraving it. The layer of chrome hardens the cylinder surface and protect the engraved image from damages. The quality of the chrome also matters.

Best Buyers’ Tips For Choosing The Right Mulcher Teeth

Buying mulcher parts is the second thing you need to think about immediately after you start using a mulcher. This is because your mulching attachment wear parts will start wearing out immediately you start using your machine.

The market has so many options of mulcher teeth for sale for you to select from. But you need to be very selective to ensure that you have gotten the right teeth for your mulcher. That’s why getting the right teeth should be the priority when buying.

If you are planning to go to the market for mulcher teeth, we’ve got tips that will help you choose the right teeth. Check out these tips:

What’s The Best Brand?

One of the things that you need to consider is the best brand of mulcher teeth for sale you should go for. The decision can be determined by a number of factors. First is the mulcher brand that you are using. If, for instance, you are using a Diamond mulcher, it will be smart to buy teeth from the same manufacturer. If not, you need to know which brands are compatible with the brand you are using. So the issue of the brand is an important factor to consider.

Quality Needed

The next thing that you need to consider is the quality of the mulcher teeth you need to select. This is an important factor because, without quality, you will definitely have a problem with achieving the productivity and performance you are looking for. The raw material used for the teeth construction and the production process are some of the factors that determine quality. The best quality mulcher teeth are made from steel and carbide materials. Make sure the right grade of these materials was used before buying.

Wear Resistance

The other thing that you need to consider is the wear resistance of the mulcher teeth. Make sure that you have invested in teeth that can withstand the most demanding conditions. The best way to go about selecting the most durable teeth is by checking the materials used and the hardening process. The higher the quality of the materials and the advanced the hardening process, the more resistance the teeth offer to wear, tear, and abrasion.


The next thing that you need to consider is the price of mulcher teeth. The trick for any buyer is to ensure you are getting value for money. Scout for prices before buying to find where you are getting the best deal without compromising quality.