Why Buying Used Wear Parts Could Be A Disappointment

There is a thriving market for the used machine parts. With their lower pricing and the perceived quality, some machine users are easily convinced to buy these machine parts. Whereas there are heaps of praises about used wear parts, there are also the downsides that come with investing in these parts. However, the seller will rarely talk about these downsides because they want to make money out of your sales.

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the reasons why buying used machine wear parts could turn out a disappointment. Here are some of the limitations that come with turning to used machine parts.

Poor Quality

One of the biggest challenges that come with investing in used wear parts is poor quality. One of the questions that most buyers don’t get to ask themselves is why the original user decided to use them anymore. What he found that the quality of the part was poor hence deciding to replace with the good one? That could be one of the reasons why you will use parts in the market unless it was as a result of cannibalization.

Used Lifespan

There is no doubt that choosing to invest in used wear parts means that you are tools that have already been used. Therefore, what you are buying is something that has already exhausted part of their lifespan. That means that the cost that you thought you have saved is actually in the used lifespan. So these parts will just a fraction of new tools would have.

Poor Performance

Another reason why the initial of the parts may have thrown them away was due to poor performance. And even if that was not the case, then you can expect machine parts that have already been used to have a drop in the level of performance. That’s something you don’t really get to know when buying. If you are buying used wood chipper cutter tools, then expect a lower performance than expected.

Low Productivity

Last but not least is the machine productivity. With the machine performance having had reduced due to the poor state of the teeth, then you can expect the productivity to also reduce significantly. That means you might not hit the expected results from your grinder, wood chipper, or any other machine that you are using. So, low productivity is another reason you shouldn’t buy used machine wear parts.

How Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Products Impact Your Operations

Whether you are grinding wood, shredding woo, milling road and pavement, or drilling, you need to have the best quality tools on your machine. But the term ‘best tools’ defines quality machine wear parts. However, there are many ways that the quality of the machine parts can be defined. One of them is the production process that wear parts are taken through.

Tungsten carbide hard facing is one of the widely used hardening processes for constructing machine parts. Unlike the typical wear parts, tungsten carbide hardfacing products are more efficient and effective in areas they are designed for. Investing in these will have a huge impact on your operations. Here are just some of the ways you can expect the thing to change:

High Performance

One of the ways that tungsten carbide hard-facing products will change your operations to change is increased performance. If you have been using typical cutter tools on your machine, one of the things that you will experience when replacing with tungsten carbide hard-faced tools a massive increase in machine performance. One of the things this type of tool does is increasing the cutting performance of the cutter tools. That’s because the tungsten carbide layer is able to maintain the sharpness of the teeth for a longer time. This will have a huge impact on your operations,

High Machine Productivity

The other way that tungsten carbide hardfacing products will have an impact on your operations is increased machine productivity. If you have been used to the small production of the typical machine cutter tools, having these parts will be more like magic. Due to the sharpness of the tungsten carbide materials, the cutting performance of the machine tools is increased significantly. With the high cutting performance, the productivity of the machine is significantly increased. So, if you are doing business, this means your business will start making huge profits.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Maintaining your equipment is the most important thing if you want to keep your machine in good shape. However, machine maintenance takes one of the biggest shares in terms of operating costs. But this cost can be reduced by investing in quality wear parts. Tungsten carbide hardfacing products are some of the best when it comes to reducing the cost of maintenance.  Since these tools offer high resistance to wear and abrasion, you will be spending less on repair and replacement. These are just some of the ways that you can get the most out of your machine.

Asphalt Cold Milling Machine Maintenance Tips

For the road contractors, the most important machine on your site is probably the cold milling machines. There are very important machines, especially for those specialising in the repair of worn-out roads. But one of the crucial things that you need to consider is the maintaining the machine is the best condition possible.

Asphalt cold milling machines work at room temperature to remove the old asphalt layer for recycling purposes. They are, therefore, exposed to very harsh conditions that could lead to a high rate of wear and tear. But there are many ways that you can ensure you are maintaining the machine is the best way possible:

Proper Use

Before you can even think of anything else, you must ensure that you are using the machine in the recommended way by the manufacturer. Make sure that you are observing or the measure that has been put up by the manufacturer, including the kind of asphalt surfaces that the machine can work. That’s something that you need to consider seriously. Otherwise, all the other maintenance measures that you will take will never yield any results if the machine is not properly.

Frequent Check-Ups

Apart from making sure that the asphalt cold milling machine is being used properly, you need to consider checking the machine frequently. After milling the road, it is important to check the condition of the machine after work. Note that most of the big problems that end up breaking the machine breakdown start as minor issues. That’s why you need to make the checking of the machine after work a common thing. This will help you identify the problems before they get out of hand.

Observe Maintenance Schedule

The other important thing that you need to observe keenly is the maintenance schedule. Don’t make a mistake of skipping the maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure that every time the maintenance schedule approaches, you have called a professional to do a thorough check of the machine and have the possible problems fixed. That’s very important.

Remove Worn Out Parts

To keep your asphalt cold milling machine working fine, you need to replace any part that is not worn out beyond repair. When you operate the machine with worn-out parts, you reduce its efficiency, and this increases the rate of wear and tear. That’s how you maintain the machine in its best condition. The most important to check is the milling bits.