Asphalt Cold Milling Machine Maintenance Tips

Asphalt Cold Milling Machine Maintenance Tips

For the road contractors, the most important machine on your site is probably the cold milling machines. There are very important machines, especially for those specialising in the repair of worn-out roads. But one of the crucial things that you need to consider is the maintaining the machine is the best condition possible.

Asphalt cold milling machines work at room temperature to remove the old asphalt layer for recycling purposes. They are, therefore, exposed to very harsh conditions that could lead to a high rate of wear and tear. But there are many ways that you can ensure you are maintaining the machine is the best way possible:

Proper Use

Before you can even think of anything else, you must ensure that you are using the machine in the recommended way by the manufacturer. Make sure that you are observing or the measure that has been put up by the manufacturer, including the kind of asphalt surfaces that the machine can work. That’s something that you need to consider seriously. Otherwise, all the other maintenance measures that you will take will never yield any results if the machine is not properly.

Frequent Check-Ups

Apart from making sure that the asphalt cold milling machine is being used properly, you need to consider checking the machine frequently. After milling the road, it is important to check the condition of the machine after work. Note that most of the big problems that end up breaking the machine breakdown start as minor issues. That’s why you need to make the checking of the machine after work a common thing. This will help you identify the problems before they get out of hand.

Observe Maintenance Schedule

The other important thing that you need to observe keenly is the maintenance schedule. Don’t make a mistake of skipping the maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure that every time the maintenance schedule approaches, you have called a professional to do a thorough check of the machine and have the possible problems fixed. That’s very important.

Remove Worn Out Parts

To keep your asphalt cold milling machine working fine, you need to replace any part that is not worn out beyond repair. When you operate the machine with worn-out parts, you reduce its efficiency, and this increases the rate of wear and tear. That’s how you maintain the machine in its best condition. The most important to check is the milling bits.