5 Things You Can Expect From Cold Forged Aluminum

Do you want to invest in cold forged aluminum? Well, there are so many things that you will definitely get from these tools. In this guide, we are going to look at some of the things that you can expect to get from these products.

Most people are going for cold forged aluminum because of the lower prices that the products come with. But how does that happen? Well, we are going to look at the deeper in this article as we try to figure out what you can expect from cold forged aluminum. Check out the following:

Cheaper products

One of the biggest benefits of cold forged aluminum is cheaper products. There are so many ways that the cold forging of aluminum results in cheaper tools. First, the number of steps of cold forging aluminum is shorter, and this is one way that the cost of productivity is reduced. The fact that you don’t heat the material means that you won’t spend a lot on energy. All these factors make the final products cheaper.

Easier To Impart Directional Properties

Imparting directional properties is another thing that you can expect from cold forged aluminum. This metal is known as one of the lightest in the market and is mainly used for the production of light parts. You can easily change the direction of the products, especially when making curved parts. This is without changing the integrity and hardness of the product.

Improved Reproducibility

The other thing that you can expect to get from cold forged aluminum is better reproducibility. The forging of these metals is pretty easy in that you don’t need to a lot of complex processes. You don’t need a lot of tonnages to compress, and you will rarely need to finish work. These are just some of the factors that help to increase your overall productivity. You can cold forge more aluminum products than steel.

Handles High Stress and High Die Loads

You can expect the cold forged aluminum to handle high stress and high die loads. These are very crucial aspects, especially with tools used on machines. Therefore, you can expect these tools to last for a longer time.

Near-Net Shape Parts

The other thing you can expect from cold forged aluminum is near-net shape products. The cold forging method will significantly reduce the cost of finish work. If you have to do finish work, it will be minimal and will cost you very little.